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Grant Zazula, Ph.D., Yukon Palaeontologist

Grant Zazula started in the position of Yukon Palaeontologist in December, 2006. Grant is currently involved in several collaborative research projects with the aim of uncovering new information on Ice Age animals, plants and ecosystems throughout Yukon Territory.

 Research background and interests:

  • Pleistocene palaeoenvironments in Yukon;
  • biogeography and chronology of late Pleistocene fauna and flora;
  • fossil arctic ground squirrels in Beringia;
  • Quaternary palaeoecology and palaeobotany;
  • Pleistocene climates, glacial history and geomorphology;
  • Early human occupation of Beringia and the New World;
  • Pleistocene extinctions.

Recent scientific publications

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