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Archaeology & Palaeontology Booklets

This series highlights archaeological and palaeontological studies carried out throughout the Yukon, typically in partnership with Yukon First Nation communities. The booklets provide an introduction to older and less well-known history in the Yukon from the scientific studies and the stories of the local First Nation.


Archaeology at Forty Mile/Ch'ëdä Dëk (2.6 MB)
Forty Mile is one of Yukon’s co-owned and managed Historic Sites established under the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Final Agreement. This booklet presents the results of archaeological studies at the site from 1998 – 2003, which focussed on the documentation of the prehistoric and contact period of occupation. Joint publication of the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in and Yukon Heritage Resources.
Author(s): Thomas J. Hammer and Christian Thomas.
Publication Date: 2006.
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A Look Back in Time - The Archaeology of Fort Selkirk (5.1 MB)
Author(s): Greg Hare & Ruth Gotthardt. 1996.
Publication Date: 1996.
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Désdélé Méné The Archaeology of Annie Lake (4.3 MB)
Carcross Tagish First Nation.
Author(s): Greg Hare and Sheila Greer.
Publication Date: 1994.
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From Trail to Tramway - The Archaeology of Canyon City (9.3 MB)
Kwanlin Dün First Nation.
Author(s): T.J. Hammer and Greg Hare. Published with the assistance of the Yukon Energy Corporation.
Publication Date: 1999.
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The Frozen Past: The Yukon Ice Patches (1.8 MB)
This booklet provides a summary of more than a decade of research in the southern Yukon alpine ice patch sites. Important archaeological and biological remains, often exceptionally well-preserved, provide new understanding of the history and environment of Yukon over the past 9,000 years.
Author(s): Greg Hare with contributions from Sheila Greer (Champagne and Aishihik First Nations), Heather Jones (Carcross/Tagish First Nation), Rae Mombourquette (Kwanlin Dün First Nation), John Fingland (Kluane First Nation), Mark Nelson and Jason Shorty (Ta’an Kwäch’än Council) and Tip Evans (Teslin Tlingit Council).
Publication Date: 2011
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Ges Tu’è’/Gyò Chúa/T’ahéeni - The archaeology of the M'Clintock region (2 MB)
Yukon residents and visitors are familiar with the M’Clintock area and its ecological and recreational values.  This booklet is an introduction to the very early history of the M’Clintock region, preserved in its archaeological sites, in early historical reports and photographs, and in the stories and memories of Kwanlin Dün Elders and community members
Author(s): Ty Heffner and Susan Heffner 36pp.
Publication Date: 2015

Handbook for the Identification of Heritage Sites and Features (2.04 MB)
Author(s): Ruth Gotthardt & Chris Thomas.
Publication Date: March 2005 (revised 2007)

Ice Age Klondike: Fossil treasures from the frozen ground (2.4 MB)
The Klondike has a rich natural history that extends back long before stampeders arrived in search of gold. Remnants of this prehistoric past are revealed every day by the hydraulic hoses and heavy equipment of today’s Klondike gold miners. Fossil bones and other ancient treasures from the frozen ground are helping scientists understand the Yukon’s ice age history.
Author(s): Grant Zazula and Duane Froese. 40pp.
Publication Date: 2011
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Ice Age Mammals of Yukon (3MB)
Yukon has an amazing ice age history. This booklet delves into the record of Ice Age mammals found in Yukon.
Author(s): Grant Zazula and Tyler Kuhn. 48pp.
Publication Date: 2014

Ice Age Old Crow: Yukon's ancient history from north of the Arctic Circle (3MB)
The remote village of Old Crow is Yukon's only community north of the Arctic Circle. The bluffs and banks along the Old Crow river are the richest source of ice age fossils in Canada. Scientific evidence from the Old Crow region provides many answers and even more questions, about the long vanished ice age world.
Author(s): Grant Zazula and Duane Froese. 44pp
Publication Date: 2013
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Lutthi Män & Tachän Män Hudé Hudän - Frenchman and Tatchun Lakes: Long Ago People (3.4 MB)
Little Salmon and Carmacks First Nation.
Author(s): Dawn Charlie and D.W. Clark.
Publication Date: 2003.
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Lu Zil Män - Fish Lake Uncovering the Past (5.1 MB)
Kwanlin Dün First Nation.
Author(s): Ruth Gotthardt and Greg Hare. Published with the assistance of the Yukon Energy Corporation.
Publication Date: 1994.
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The Ni'iinlii Njik Caves, Northern Yukon - Notes on Geology and History (8.6 MB)
Author(s): Bernard Lauriol with additional content from Ruth Gottardt
Publication Date: 2016

Qikiqtaruk - Inuvialuit Archaeology on Herschel Island (4.1 MB)
Author(s): T. Max Friesen.
Publication Date: 1998.
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Ta'an Kwäch'än - People of the Lake (5.2 MB)
Ta'an Kwäch'än Council
Author(s): Ruth Gotthardt, with Ruth Massie and Doreen Grady. Published with the assistance of the Yukon Energy Corporation.
Publication Date: 2000.
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Tatl'á Män (4.1 MB)
Selkirk First Nation.
Author(s): Ruth Gotthardt.
Publication Date: 1992.

Tr'ochëk - The Archaeology and History of a Hän Fish Camp (6.4 MB)
A history and archaeology report of the Hän occupations at the site of Tr’ochëk otherwise known as Klondike City, which is now a Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in National Historic site.
Author(s): H. Dobrowolsky and T.J. Hammer. Edited by Ruth Gotthardt. Joint publication between the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in First Nation Government, Parks Canada and Yukon Government Heritage Branch.
Publication Date: 2001.
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The Wreck of A.J. Goddard (2.1 MB)
This Klondike Gold Rush era sternwheeler, was discovered more than 100 years later in 2008, at the bottom of Lake Laberge. This short history and story of the discovery and exploration of the A.J. Goddard over the following years.
Author(s): Lindsey Thomas, Doug Davidge and John Pollack.
Publication Date: 2012.