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Permanent Art Collection

Yukon Permanent Art Collection ~ Recent Acquisitions

These recent acquisitions were submitted as part of an open call. Submissions were reviewed by the Friends of the Yukon Permanent Art Collection Society. These pieces were recommended for acquisition and were purchased for the collection. 

Acquisitions 2016

Palma Berger, Beyond the Parking Lot
Palma Berger | Beyond the Parking Lot | Watercolour on paper | 2008 

Josée Carbonneau, Hang to Dry
Josée Carbonneau | Hang to Dry | Pink salmon, whitefish and burbot fish skin, salmon teeth | 2015
Colin Muir Dorward, Ornate Goldpan
Colin Muir Dorward | Ornate Goldpan | Oil on goldpan | 2014
Sho Sho Esquiro, The Wedding Jacket
Sho Sho Esquiro | The Wedding Jacket | Fox fur, deer hide, silk, caribou hair, seed beads, abalone and antique buttons, paint | 2013
Simon James Gilpin, Remember the Rain
Simon James Gilpin | Remember the Rain | Oil on Canvas | 2016
Neil Graham, Tow Hill
Neil Graham | Tow Hill | Oil on Canvas | 2015
Cynthia Hunt, Heart Rock, Firth River
Cynthia Hunt | Heart Rock, Firth River | Watercolour on paper | 2011
Hildur M H Jónasson, Black Island
Hildur M H Jónasson | Black Island | Relief print on paper | 2014
Tara Kolla-Hale, 1905-1907

Tara Kolla-Hale, 1905-1907
Tara Kolla- Hale | 1905-1907 | Antique books, felt, driftwood, vintage suiting, polymer clay, glass beads | 2016
Blake Lepine, The Ever Evolving Spirit
Blake Lepine | The Ever Evolving Spirit | Red cedar, abalone buttons, moose sinew | 2015

Joyce Majiski, Swans

Joyce Majiski, Swans
Joyce Majiski | Swans | Acrylic and coloured pencil on paper | 2012

Marie-Eve Martel
Marie-Eve Martel | Propeller Island | Coloured pencils on paper cardboard | 2009

Florence Moses, Night Fishing at Ta Kwan Te Mu
Florence Moses | Night Fishing at Ta Kwan Te Mun | Home tanned moose hide, leather, copper and crystal delica beads, dyed porqupine quills, sinew | 2015

Cheryl Rivest, Miles Canyon Bracelet
Cheryl Rivest | Miles Canyon Bracelet | Sterling silver and Yukon placer gold from Davidson Creek, Mayo | 2015
Wendy Thompson, Rock and Rolla
Wendy Thompson | Rock and Rolla | Acrylic on canvas | 2015


Acquisitions 2015

David Ashley Caribou Flagon
David Ashley | Caribou Flagon | Sterling silver and caribou antler | 2011
Elizabeth Bosely My Mother My Inspiration
Elizabeth Bosely | My Mother, My Inspiration | Home tanned moose hide, melton cloth, beads, yarn, rickrack, coyote fur | 2012
Calvin Morberg Brothers
Calvin Morberg | Brothers | Yellow cedar, acrylic, porcupine quills, seal whiskers, wolf and beaver fur | 2014
Maureen Morris Winged Owl
Maureen Morris | Winged Owl | Moose antler on deer antler base | 2014
Helen OConner Red Book
Helen O'Connor | Red Book of Annaghmakerrig | Hand tooled leather, handmade paper (flax, hemp, nettle), encaustic, inks, laser print, gouache | 2014
Monika Kate Steputh Wood Ash Vessel
Monika Kaete Steputh | Wood Ash Glazed Vessel with Lid | Stoneware clay and wood ash glaze | 2012
Brian Walker Journey
Brian Walker | Journey | Copper | 2015
Lena White Juk Juk
Lena White | Juk Juk | Wood, sinew, hardware, cotton material, stroud, beads, embroidery thread, sealskin, muskrat, blue fox, arctic fox, home tanned moose hide, thread, tuffing, miniature bells and yarn | 2015

Acquisitions 2014

Jeneen Frei Njootli | Quake | Silkscreen print | 2013

Sarah Burwash | Howl with the wolves | Watercolour and ink on paper | 2012

Sarah Fuller | Dubois Residence | Archival inkjet print | 2013

Ken Anderson | Oceanscape | Douglas fir, acrylic, acrylic paint | 2013

Shelley Hakonson | Raven Wife | Paperclay, armature, rigidwrap, acrylic paint | 2013

Jane Isakson | Drawn In 2, Ivvavik | Acrylic on canvas | 2013

Pearl Keenan | Beaver Mitts | Home tanned moose hide, beaver fur, melton cloth, commercially tanned hide, acrylic yarn, embroidery floss, ribbon and sinew | 2012

Pearl Keenan | Moose Hide Gun Case | Home tanned moose hide, commercially tanned hide, beads, thread, sinew | 2012



Acquisitions 2013


Joyce Majiski | The Lobster Trap | Mixed Media | 50"x94"



Heather Callaghan | Sea to Mountain Trade Route Travellers Robe and Woven Hat | Fibre Art | 26"x62"x6"


Dennis Shorty | Knowledge Keeper - Wise Man | Carving | 16.5"x11"x6"

Stephanie Ryan | Mt. Macdonald, Snake River, Yukon | Painting | 22"x30"


Don Weir | Trillium Series #11 | Painting | 20"x30"

Suzannee Paleczny | Winter Beard | Painting | 40"x32"

Simon Gilpin | Ghosts of the Forest | Painting | 36"x48"

Dolores Scheffen | Han Singing Doll | Beadwork | 23"x8.5"x6.5"