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Yukon Arts Advisory Council

The Yukon Arts Advisory Council (YAAC) advises the Minister of Tourism and Culture on recommendations for funding for individual artists and arts organizations as well as reviews and monitors the effectiveness of the implementation of the Yukon Arts Policy and other programs under the Arts Act. 

YAAC meets to adjudicate applications from three funding programs: 

  • Arts Fund, Touring Artist Fund (both together 4 times per year), and
  • Arts Operating Funds (once per year).

The members are selected so as to achieve, so far as is reasonably practicable, effective representation of several arts disciplines, representation of several Yukon communities, and representation of the distinct interests of First Nation artists. 

Members of the YAAC are appointed by the Minister and serve 3-year terms. Members can be re-appointed for successive terms.

Current Yukon Arts Advisory Council 

 Bill Barnie  Term until Jan/2018
 Heidi Hehn  Term until Jan/2018
 Gail Calder  Term until Jan/2018
 Tarie Castellarin  Term until Jan/2019
Jacqueline Olson (Chair)  Term until Mar/2020
Al Cushing (Vice-Chair)   Term until Mar/2020
 Marjolène Gauthier  Term until Mar/2020
 Nicole Bauberger  Term until Mar/2020