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Trade and Consumer Shows: Frequently Asked Questions

When do I apply to TCMF?

Applications must be received before a trade or consumer show, sales call/mission, or bid presentation. It is recommended that operators apply at the beginning of the fiscal year (April 1) for all of the projects they will be undertaking in that fiscal year (to March 31).

A new trade show that does not appear on the approved list should be applied for 30 working days before the date of the show.

Approved trade shows, consumer shows, MC&IT shows, sales missions, sales calls, sponsorship events, and travel for event bid presentations should be applied for 15 working days before the first date of travel.

How many trade shows/sales calls can I apply for?

There is no maximum on the number of trade shows/sales calls you can apply for in a year. Proposals will be judged on their complementary value that support the annual Tourism Yukon Implementation Plan; their potential to increase revenues; to increase visitation to a community; extend the length of stay of visitors and the potential to increase tourism spending within a community or region.

How do I apply for participation on a DMO sales mission?

If you will be participating with a DMO (i.e. Yukon Convention Bureau, Tourism Yukon) on a sales mission, please contact the TCMF Program Coordinator at TIA Yukon. They will work with you and the DMO on the application.

What costs will the fund not cover?

  • Administration costs, office equipment, telephone charges, Internet access, website development, clipping services, 1-800 numbers, translation, etc.
  • Production, creative and development costs of CD-ROMS, website optimization and enhancement, display booths, brochures, flat sheets, logos, rack cards, pamphlets, business cards, and posters.
  • Donations of cash or product as all or part of the costs of attending or participating in a trade or consumer show.
  • Airline bonus points or airfare change/upgrade fees.
  • Site inspections for projects.
  • Projects, events, or activities already completed.
  • Insurance, travel booking fees.
  • Meals or per diems.
  • GST.

My organization has received money from another Yukon Government fund; can I use this as equity for my TCMF Application?

No, funding received from any Yukon Government source including transfer payments is not eligible as equity.

Where can I find the list of pre-approved trade shows?

For the most up-to-date list of trade shows, please contact the TCMF Program Coordinator at TIA Yukon.

When is my final report due?

The final report is due 30 days after a show or sales mission is completed. All reporting must be done by March 31st of the current fiscal year. Should you wish to submit the reporting after a series of trade shows are completed, please contact the TCMF Program Coordinator.

How many attendees can be funded under this program?

A maximum of two (2) persons per booth can attend a trade or consumer show. A maximum of two (2) persons can participate in a sales call/mission or bid presentation. If you would like more than two (2) persons to attend/participate to represent your business, please apply in writing to the TCMF Review Committee at least 30 days prior to travel.

Who can I send to represent my business at a trade or consumer show or to participate in a sales call/mission?

Any person(s) who will represent the business and the destination in the best way. That could include the owner/operator, employees, or a hired representative (although costs for representative services are not eligible).

Do I have to apply for a trade show and a sales call/mission separately even if they are completed concurrently?

Yes. In order to be eligible for the entire cost of the activities, please apply for the trade show and sales call/mission separately.

Am I able to purchase anything to do with my project before approval?

Project costs can be incurred prior to approval, although you must apply for all project costs before attendance or participation.

What do I have to include in my final report?

  • Copies of all original receipts for TCMF eligible costs and a complete report – a template will be provided to the applicant for the report requirements.
  • A receipt must be dated, include a description of the product or service being purchased, include a breakdown of the costs for the product or service, and have a zero dollar balance owing or an indication or supporting document that the amount has been paid in full.
  • Failure to comply may result in partial or full cancellation of the funding request.

What if my receipt is incomplete or what if I lost my receipt?

  • Expenses cannot be reimbursed without a proper receipt.
  • We suggest you contact the provider to obtain a copy of a lost receipt.
  • A credit card statement is not a receipt, as it does not contain a breakdown of costs or a description of the product or service that was purchased.

What exchange rate do I use?

  • The Bank of Canada currency converter is used to convert eligible expenses to Canadian dollars for the date they were purchased.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to take into account the exchange rate when budgeting and applying for a project.

My budget has changed. What do I do?

As long as the project has not started, contact the TCMF Program Coordinator to adjust your funding request. You will then receive an amended +- contract.

I participated as part of a larger contingent for a trade or consumer show or sales call/mission. Is the invoice for my portion enough?

No. The invoice must be accompanied with copies of all original receipts on which the participation fee is based. A detailed description of the cost-share must also be provided.

Why were my project costs not fully reimbursed as they were submitted in the report?

If you notice a discrepancy in the reimbursed amount with the receipts that were submitted, please contact the Program Coordinator immediately. The original applied for budgeted costs may be lower than the actual expenditures. TCMF can only pay out for the budgeted costs according to the Funding Agreement that was created for the project. Ineligible expenses may also have been included (such as meals or GST) that will lower the reimbursed amount.

I will arrive at the trade show destination in advance of the trade show. What is the project timeline restriction for TCMF eligible costs?

TCMF eligible costs cover one day on either side of the trade show or sales call/mission for travel purposes. Additional days may be covered if they are deemed essential for smooth travel purposes.

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