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Marketing Project: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

  • Please apply on-line
  • Approval can take up to two weeks for applications that meet all necessary criteria.  New clients may take longer
  • Once you are approved, the Marketing Fund Administrator will prepare a funding agreement for you to sign
  • Final Payment of your agreement is made once you have submitted all required invoices and tear sheets from ad (where applicable)

What Marketing Projects are eligible?

  • On line advertising including web banners, social media sites and ad word purchases
  • Print advertising in magazines and travel guides with significant distribution/sales outside of the Territory
  • Promotion of Yukon events that include a package component of 2 or more tourism activities
  • Familiarization Tours –3rd party expenses related to your company hosting travel media or travel trade that brings attention to your tourism product

What types of tourism businesses qualify for funding?

  • Tourism businesses in the business of transportation, accommodation and adventure
  • Non-government organizations featuring tourism product 
  • Municipalities and DMO’s wishing to sell their destination
  • Yukon First Nations Governments featuring tourism product (eg – advertising of cultural centres)

Other important information

All funded projects must be completed in the same fiscal year as the funding agreement.  This means that print ads must be published before the fiscal year end, and monthly charges for on-line advertising will be funded from April 1 – March 31 Annually to be eligible for funding in that fiscal year.

A final report must be submitted within 30 days upon completion of your project in the subscribed format as requested by the Marketing Fund Administrator.  Final reports must include copies of all invoices and tear sheets for print ads.  Ad “proofs” are not accepted.

Printed copies of web-ads along with the link or list of where the web ad is displayed and the summary of clicks and impressions provided by the website company must be included for web based advertising

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