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Touring Artist Fund - Past Recipients

  • There are 4 Touring Artist Fund intakes per year: March, June, September and December 15.
  • The maximum allocation per application is $10,000. Typically, only one application can be funded per year per applicant.
  • The Fund supports touring opportunities where the applicant has been invited to present his/her work to the public as a result of a professional selection process. See the Fund guidelines for the complete details.
  • The Fund is adjudicated by the Yukon Arts Advisory Council. All Council members speak to all applications. Department staff do not make funding recommendations.

Results From Past Sessions:

2008:    March    June    September    December

2009:    March    June    September    December

2010:    March    June    September    December

2011:    March    June    September    December

2012:    March    June    September    December

2013:    March    June    September    December

2014:    March    June    September    December

2015:    March    June    September    December

2016:    March    June    September    December

2017:    March    June    September    December

2018:    March    June