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Publication initiatives to promote the arts and preserve our diverse culture and heritage.




Art Adventures Studio Guide 2013 (3.2 MB)
Where to see and buy visual art in the Yukon. The guide briefly describes places in each region where you can view visual art — from outdoor sculpture to paintings, carvings, or other media in galleries — that reflects the Yukon experience.






For The Record Yukon Archives (2.8 MB)
Archival research, writing and editing by Lesley Buchan, Ian Burnett, Daintry Chapple, Cheryl Charlie, Anne Coates, Peggy D’Orsay, Douglas Drake, Sarah Gallagher, Patricia Halladay, Linda Johnson, Heather LeDuc, Rob Ridgen, Jennifer Roberts, Maria Robinson, David Schlosser, Wendy Sokolon, Vanessa Thorson, Mario Villeneuve and Glenn Iceton. 2012.

The Archives is described as “a magnificent structure in a visually stunning setting.” The author remarks on our “use of innovative and inclusive methods” and “relentless creativity [used] to shape and share Yukon history with residents of the territory and the country.”
Archivaria, the journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists (Spring 2013)



Energy Efficiency for Older Buildings (0.7 MB)
It is almost always better — and less expensive — to repair or upgrade existing features, such as windows, doors and porches, than to replace them. If you make the changes listed here, your building can be as energy efficient as most modern buildings and its heritage value will be maintained.



Repairing and Caring for Old Windows (0.6 MB)
Windows help define the character of buildings. If the original windows of a historic building are changed or replaced, some of this character is lost. Contains tips and ideas on how to repair old windows and not lose the character of the building.




Gazetteer of Yukon 2011 (3.4 MB)
This is a database of over 5,000 records of Yukon Geographical Place Names.