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Product Development Partnership Program (PDPP)

The Product Development Partnership Program is funded by the Yukon Department of Tourism and Culture on a year-by-year basis as funds are available. Projects must take place and be completed during the fiscal year in which funds were provided (April 1 - March 31) and must clearly demonstrate broad benefits to Yukon's tourism industry which are timely, relevant and transferable to other industry stakeholders. Eligible partners include municipalities/communities, tourism associations, First Nations governments and non-profit organizations. Individual businesses are not eligible.

The Product Development Officer would love to hear your ideas and welcomes a visit, call or email prior to submission of a proposal.

The program is an outreach, awareness and education initiative, provided in the form of contribution agreements, and designed to:

  • Stimulate an increase in market and trade-ready tourism products and visitor experiences offered in Yukon
  • Enable organizations to host tourism workshops and keynote presenters
  • Build tourism capacity throughout the Yukon.


  • Improve the quality and delivery of Yukon’s tourism products to maximize visitor satisfaction.
  • Grow year-round destination tourism in all regions.
  • Grow tourism products and experiences that respond to market demands and visitor expectations.


  • Increase industry knowledge and capacity amongst Yukon tourism stakeholders.
  • Provide relevant tourism outreach services to all tourism regions in Yukon.
  • Share and inform tourism businesses and service providers on best practices, standards and codes of ethics.
  • Raise awareness of market demand, tourism trends and tourism product development opportunities for Yukon’s tourism businesses and attractions.
  • Contribute towards the development of new tourism products and experiences that are in demand, relevant, and suitable for Yukon’s domestic and international tourists.


Niche Product Development

Initiatives that support the development of emerging tourism products or enhancement of existing products such as:

  • Learning tourism, culinary tourism, First Nation tourism, adventure tourism, eco-tourism, voluntourism, etc.
  • Initiatives that support the development or enhancement of existing emerging destination products such as: scenic drives, aboriginal tourism experiences, community partnered festivals and events with a focus on sustainability and tourist engagement, etc.

Research and Development

  • Identification and/or development of standards, criteria or best practices for Yukon tourism products and services.
  • Initiatives that support product research into new or existing tourism products that don’t already exist and respond to a need in Yukon’s tourism industry.
  • Market research to identify potential tourism development opportunities for not for profit organizations

Tourism Workshops and Presentations

  • Designed to support tourism associations, destination marketing organizations and organizations with a tourism project focus, to develop and/or deliver timely and relevant workshops which provide broad based benefits for their members and Yukon’s tourism industry.

Tourism Capacity Building

  • Projects which increase the capabilities of tourism businesses and attractions to enhance, develop and deliver market and trade/export-ready tourism products through Yukon based tourism training initiatives.


  • Tourism associations and organizations, municipalities/communities, First Nation government depts., non-profit groups, community partnered events and festival groups.
  • Projects are funded on a first come first serve basis
  • Projects should be a new or incremental project or initiative
  • Projects must demonstrate industry relevance, timeliness and transferability to other industry stakeholders.
  • Projects must meet the objectives of the Product Development Partnership Program as identified above
  • Projects should have broad support from appropriate tourism stakeholders. Support letters may be required.

We strongly encourage you to share your project ideas with the Product Development Officer prior to the submission of your proposal. Full details of program  and the application can be found under the "Find it Fast" menu on the left-hand side of this page.

For further information on the Product Development Partnership Program, or questions about your project please contact the Industry Services Unit at 867-667-8723 or by e-mail to