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So, you have finally decided to turn your lifelong passion into an exciting and rewarding career—now what?

Industry Services can help you kick-start your Yukon tourism business by providing you with the tools you need to build an operation that is both logistically feasible and financially viable. 

Step 1: Research

The first step in tourism development is to conduct the necessary research. Industry Services has various local, national and international resources to get you started in our “Tourism e-Library,” as well as a detailed synopsis of each of the industry sectors.

For those who reside outside the territory and are interested in learning more about living and working in the Yukon, visit the Department of Economic Development’s Invest Yukon website.

Step 2: Plan

Next, you will need to sit down and prepare. Consider your goals, your project schedule, your operational plan, your marketing strategy, your social and environmental impact, your financial plan, and your critical risks and sustainability factors. Industry Services has designed helpful business planning tools to get you started!

Step 3: Evaluate

Developing a tourism business differs significantly from developing a more typical retail or service operation. The industry has unique challenges such as seasonality of demand, high-fixed costs, longer-term market development, a cooperative nature of competition and—in many cases—tourism businesses require substantial up-front capital investment.

Take the “Am I Prepared? Level I” quiz to better assess the feasibility of you owning and operating a Yukon tourism business.

In Industry Services we love hearing your ideas, so if at any point during your business development you require additional assistance, we encourage you to contact us.