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You’ve done it! You’ve created an exciting and alluring tourism product; but, you’re still interested in more long-term business expansion. It is time to develop a sales and marketing strategy.

It is important to recognize that marketing a tourism product can be difficult, especially because so much of its consumer-value rests on selling something that is intangible—experience. Understanding the significance of marketing “experience” can assist your promotional strategy because it will not only entice travellers who are seeking authentic moments, but also helps to engage industry, nurture personal relationships and preserve the cultural integrity of your community.

Domestic Marketing

Domestic marketing means selling within your own country, and is typically the first area that businesses seek to target with their sales and promotions. Considering that the customer’s needs, tastes, geography, demographics and distribution methods are likely familiar, it is often the easiest place for you to launch your advertising campaign.

Communicating your marketing objectives to Visitors Services is a vital component of domestic sales, because the Visitor Information Centres (VICs) act as an important link between your product and the visitor. The more the VICs know about your business, the easier it will be for them to respond to visitors’ specific needs. Click on the 'Visitor Services' link to learn more about how working with the VICs can benefit your business.

Export Marketing

Export marketing means offering your products and services worldwide. Promoting overseas is broader and more complex than domestic sales, with added factors to consider. Examples include: language and translation; cultural expectations; pricing and payment methods; marketing techniques and media use; distribution strategy; and, the production of quality promotional material.

You can also test your market and export readiness with our “Am I Prepared?: Level IV” checklist.

Tourism Yukon requires all businesses seeking support to meet Business, Market or Trade Ready criteria. For details about how to become "Ready" click here.  

Depending on the details of your marketing initiative, you may be able to receive funding from the Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund. Click here to view details and assess your eligibility.

Working with our Marketing Team

Now that you’ve determined that you are ready to market your business more assertively, we encourage you to meet our marketing team and explore the resources found on Travel Yukon. By having a better understanding of Tourism Yukon’s branding, target markets, and promotional strategy, you can maximize your opportunity to partner with our team during international marketing initiatives and projects. Looking for additional information on how to promote your business locally, nationally, or abroad? Explore the ‘Marketing’ section of our “Tourism e-Library” or contact us today!