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Now that you have determined that there is potential for your tourism business to succeed, you will need to think about the ways your operation can develop and expand.

Industry Services has put together practical tools that will assist in the growth of your tourism venture. Explore the resources and links below to get your business up-and-running!

Get Authorized

As a prospective or new entrepreneur, you understand the importance of business legitimacy; so it is vital that you register your business and obtain all the necessary permits. Visit our Rules and Regulation Resources to find out where to start.

Get Involved

Local and national tourism associations can nurture and strengthen your business by: liaising with governments, stakeholders and industry partners; facilitating exciting business-to-business networking opportunities; and providing engaging community support in advocacy, marketing and promotions. You are encouraged to make contact and participate with a tourism organization in your area. Explore our Memberships You Should Consider page to find out which associations are right for you!

Get the Knowledge

The more knowledge and training you have in relation to your business, the better your chances of running a strong and sustainable operation. The Yukon has a wide-range of educational opportunities that will help keep your ideas fresh and your skills sharp! Just click on the Business and Professional Development link to find out more.

Become Marketable

Today’s travellers expect certain minimum standards when they purchase a product or service from their host location. Tourists seek out competitive pricing, consistent quality, and reliability. Therefore, your business’ success, as well as the reputation of Yukon as a desirable travel destination, relies upon your ability to provide exceptional customer service. Industry Services has summarized the Steps to Market-Readiness, which can help your business achieve the level of quality our visitors expect and deserve.

Find the Funds

Developing a tourism business can be expensive. However, there are various regional, territorial and national funding sources that can help support your project. Check out the “Funding” link to discover what opportunities are open to you.  Industry Services might also know of alternative funding opportunities, so please feel free to contact us for more funding information. 

Fill out the “Am I Prepared?: Level II checklist to ensure that you’ve considered or completed all of the essential components of business preparation.

Couldn’t find what you need? The Industry Services team is available to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Contact us today!