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Tourism Resource and Land Planning


The tourism products and experiences that you create, market and sell are supported by the territory’s natural resources – the beautiful landscapes, rugged terrain, majestic rivers and fascinating wildlife.  The Tourism Resource Coordinator works to ensure that our industry has the knowledge and tools it requires to understand how Yukon land and resources are managed.

The main focus of Tourism Resources is to help ensure that the needs and concerns of our industry are known and considered in processes that guide or decide how land and resources are used or when land and resource use decisions are being made. To do this, we monitor ever-changing rules, regulations, policies and processes that govern land and resource planning, development and use. We work with tourism organizations, businesses and government agencies to generate, collect and share information and to keep industry up to speed on issues and opportunities to participate in initiatives/processes that may affect them.

Tourism Resources also has research, data and expertise that can enhance and inform your product. For example, the Tourism Resource Coordinator can identify tourism resources and other land uses in areas that you are interested in; help you identify and find information that you can use to develop your business idea; and, can put you in touch with the right authorities or experts for your specific questions. The Tourism Resource Coordinator also works closely with our colleagues in the Tourism Branch to make sure that you remain informed at any stage of your business development.