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Information for grant recipients

Funding Logos
Funding recipients are obligated to acknowledge the relevant fund in all communications related to the project in print, digital, or other media. A variety of logo formats are available for download in the Yukon Arts Funding Logos Library. Logos must maintain their aspect ratio, colour tone, resolution, and independent integrity. They must be easily legible. Once you register or sign in, select the correct fund. You can download different versions.

Recipients of the Arts Operating Funds - Operating Component and the Advanced Artist Award must also include the Lotteries Yukon logo.


How do I access my funding?
If you have received a letter indicating a successful grant application in Arts Fund, Touring Artist Fund, On Yukon Time, or New Canadians Event Fund, the Arts Advisor will prepare an agreement for you to sign. Once the agreement is signed and the original is returned to us, you can invoice for the first installment, which is an amount that is indicated in Schedule C of the agreement. Be sure to keep a copy of the agreement for yourself. Recipients of Arts Operating Funds and the Advanced Artist Award can submit an invoice as soon as they are notified of their successful application.


How do I submit an invoice?
Even though you may have signed an agreement for funding to complete your artistic project, you still need to submit an invoice to receive each payment, along with any supporting documents which may be required as outlined in your agreement. You can send an invoice by mail, email, fax, or by hand. Sample Invoice.


Do I need to keep receipts from the project expenses?
Yes. Sometimes receipts are required in the report but the Government of Yukon may request to see the receipts of any project at any time.  


How do I get on Direct Deposit?
Recipients can have their payments mailed to them, or they can sign-up for Direct Deposit. Once registered, all Government of Yukon payments will go directly into the registered bank account. Use this form to sign-up and follow the directions about submitting it.


My project is changing. Is this alright?
Funding recommendations at the Arts Section are made by juries and committees. If your project looks like it is going to change from what was presented in the application, contact an Arts Advisor. Sometimes projects have to change a little bit but in order to respect the arms-length decision process, staff need to understand if the changes will alter the spirit and intent of the project or of the jury's recommendations. The project typically cannot change significantly and the Department has the sole discretion about what constitutes a significant change.


What happens if I can't complete my project?
If a project cannot be completed, contact an Arts Advisor to discuss the circumstances of the project. A report may be required of what was achieved with a record of what was already spent. Unused funding can be returned with no penalty. Upon receipt of a satisfactory report, the recipient is eligible to apply again.


I might need an extension to complete my project. Can I get one?
Extensions are possible in some situations. Contact an Arts Advisor to discuss your circumstances. An extension may be granted or the recipient may be asked to complete a final report even if the project is not completed as envisioned.


What should the financial report look like?
The financial report should look similar to the budget in your application, except that all the figures will be the actual costs and the actual revenues that the project incurred. Please provide detail. Include in-kind goods and services, sponsors, or other funding. Once completed, this page requires your signature or, for a group applicant, the signature of 2 authorized officials from the organization. Sample Financial Report. The Department does not accept digital signatures and therefore, the signed page must be mailed or dropped off in person.