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Historic Sites Programs

Fort Selkirk, Yukon, Canada
Fort Selkirk, Yukon

Historic Sites Planning
Historic Sites Planning program is responsible for the preservation and management planning of many historic sites throughout Yukon, including Robinson Roadhouse, Canyon Creek Bridge, Hootalinqua, Montague Roadhouse, the Dawson City Telegraph Office and the Yukon Saw Mill Company Office.

Heritage Trails
This programs provides support for research, planning, improvement and development of heritage trails throughout Yukon. Heritage trails are an important part of Yukon culture and provide opportunities for Yukoners and visitors to explore our wilderness while learning about our history.
Historic Sites Manager
Phone: 867-667-8258

Signage and Interpretation
This program is responsible for the research, planning, writing, design, fabrication and installation of interpretive signs, displays and programs along highways, trails and rivers and at Yukon historic sites.
Historic Sites Interpretive Planner
Phone: 867-667-3458             

Restoration and Reproduction
This program provides expert restoration and reproduction of architectural elements as well as artifacts and specimens of all materials for interpretive display.
Restoration and Reproduction Specialist
Phone: 867-667-8200

Yukon Historic Sites Inventory
The Yukon Historic Sites Inventory (YHSI) is a searchable database containing over 3000 Yukon sites, including historic trails, buildings, mining sites and even WWII vehicle collections. The YHSI is an important tool used by researchers, planning professionals, and territorial, First Nation, and municipal governments to determine preservation and development priorities for Yukon heritage sites. It also provides a context for evaluating the historical significance of sites nominated for designation as Yukon Historic Sites.
Historic Sites Registrar
Phone: 867-667-8258