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Heritage Resources Guidelines

Use the following guidelines and documents  to assist you in preserving our Yukon heritage. Please click on the link to download and print.



Position Statement: Historic Resources Impact Assessment & Mitigation Requirements Related to Land Altering Developments. 
Created May 25, 1989. Revised April 1, 2003.
This statement states the objectives identified by Tourism and Culture, that are needed to fulfil Yukon Government's committment to preserve and protect historic resources as identified in the Yukon First Nation Umbrella Final Agreement and the Yukon Historic Resources Act.
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Archaeology in the Yukon
Archaeological sites are protected from disturbance under the Archaeological Site Regulation and the Yukon Historic Resources Act.  No artifacts can be removed from an archaeological site without a permit.
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Guidelines Respecting the Discovery of Human Remains and First Nation Burial Sites in the Yukon
This document was prepared pursuant to provisions of Yukon First Nation Final Agreements and the Yukon Transboundary Agreement with the Gwich’in Tribal Council. It provides direction on the reporting, identification, treatment and disposition of human remains found outside of recognized cemeteries in the Yukon, to ensure these remains are respected and protected consistent with legislation and Yukon land claims agreements. 
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Handbook for the Identification of Heritage Sites and Features
March 2005 (revised 2007)
This publication arises out of a workshop on heritage resource management with Government of Yukon Heritage Resources, Yukon Forestry and Yukon First Nations heritage representatives.
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Guidelines for Quartz and Placer Mining Activities

Quartz and Placer Mining Projects and Heritage Resources
This is brief introduction to how heritage resources are protected and managed in the Quartz and Placer Mining licensing process.
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Guidebook on Scientific Research in the Yukon

This guidebook provides updated information for scientists and researchers planning to conduct studies in the Yukon. Furthermore, it outlines the permits and licences or consent that must be obtained from Canada, Yukon and First Nation governments in order to carry out such work.
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