Yukon Archives Images Database Terms and Conditions of Use


The Yukon Archives will, where possible, endeavour to provide information about copyright to the client. All responsibility for possible infringement of copyright or other rights, including the invasion of privacy arising from use of reproductions is assumed by the user.

Use of Images

  1. Copies are provided for research and private study only. Permission to use images in any publication, exhibition, film, video or TV broadcast, or on any CD or website, etc. must be obtained from the Yukon Archives prior to use. Please notify the Archives if you intend to publish images.
  2. Permission is granted for a one-time use only. Permission for reproduction is limited to the applicant only and is not transferable. Any subsequent change in use requires permission from the Yukon Archives.
  3. The Yukon Archives must be credited for each image used. Please use the following format: Yukon Archives. Collection / fonds, image number. For example:

    "Yukon Archives. Anton Vogee fonds, #345".

    Credits should appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section devoted to credits.
  4. If the image is manipulated in any way, an accompanying caption must indicate that the image has been altered and how it has been altered (significant cropping, manipulation, superimposing, tinting, etc.)
  5. The user may not reproduce, resell or permit others to reproduce the photographic copy or any facsimile of it. Additional copies must be purchased from the Yukon Archives.
  6. One complimentary copy of each publication or CD ROM in which the photographic copy appears must be sent to the Yukon Archives.
  7. In authorizing the publication of images from the collection, the Yukon Archives does not surrender its own right to publish it, or to grant permission to others to do so.

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