Department of Tourism and Culture

Arts Section

Yukon Visual Arts & Craft Strategy

The 2013 Yukon Visual Arts & Craft Strategy [ PDF 1.4 MB] was developed in partnership by Yukon government and the visual arts and craft sector.

Building on the original strategy created in 2001, the new document outlines the sector’s mandate. It provides strategies to help with career development and economic viability for those working in the sector.

The strategy, developed by a steering committee made up of 15 arts and craft organizations and two visual artists, identified four strategic priorities:

  1. A united voice for coordinated training and marketing efforts, knowledge sharing, advocacy, and opportunities to build links to other economic sectors.
  2. A strategic marketing campaign to increase visibility and demand for Yukon visual arts and crafts locally and in other national and international markets.
  3. Training and professional development opportunities that foster artistic, technical and business excellence in the sector.
  4. Partnerships that advance the artistic and economic aspirations of Yukon artists and craftspeople.

Hardcopies of the publication are also available to the public. Please contact the Arts Section at 667-5858 for more information.