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Ken Anderson public art sculpture
Public Art Sculpture, Box of Light by Ken Anderson/Yukon Government

Yukon Government recognizes Community Arts that foster a broad level of participation and are a valuable source for personal and community development, education, and recreational enjoyment; Professional Arts that create and present artistic experiences for local and national audiences; and, Cultural Industries that have potential to create jobs for Yukoners and support the development of other economic sectors such as tourism, small business, manufacturing and education.

The department’s existing suite of funding programs also accommodates multicultural events in which the focus is on cultural heritage and traditions rather than arts development.

What funding programs are right for me?

I am:

 New a cultural organization planning an event New Canadians Event Fund 
in a non-profit society or collective with a community art project   Arts Fund
a professional artist going on tour   Touring Artist Fund
an advanced artist with a skills development project   Advanced Artist Award
on the Board of an arts society  Arts Operating Fund
developing a work for the world stage or as cultural expression  Culture Quest
working in the cultural industries and seeking specific training  Cultural Industries Training Fund

Are you writing a funding application ?
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