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Yukon Archaeological Sites Regulation Permits

The Yukon Archaeological Sites Regulation makes provisions for two levels of permit:

The Class 1 permit entitles the permit holder to survey and document the characteristics of an archaeological site in a manner that does not alter or otherwise disturb the archaeological site.

The Class 2 permit entitles the permit holder to:

a) Survey and document the characteristics of an archaeological site;
b) Excavate an archaeological site;
c) Remove archaeological artifacts from an archaeological site;
d) Otherwise alter or disturb an archaeological site.

An applicant who has contravened the Yukon Archaeological Sites Regulation or the conditions of any previous permit or other authorization for the search for, or excavation of, archaeological sites that was issued in any country is not entitled to issuance of a permit if the contravention has not been remedied.

Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment and Yukon Archaeology

With the coming into effect of the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Act (YESAA) in late 2005, all information submitted as part of a project or activity assessment review is now publicly accessible on the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board’s web site ( In order to ensure that sensitive archaeological and heritage site information is protected, and specifically that information on site locations is kept confidential (to protect vulnerable sites from looting), Yukon Heritage Resources has put in place new measures for managing archaeological site information.

In future, all requests for site information by consulting archaeologists, or by proponents or their environmental consultants to assist in project planning will require the individual or company making the request to enter into a Site Access Licence Agreement ( 30KB) with Yukon Heritage Resources, which contains provisions for the protection of site information.