Yukon Women Work Hard
In the early years, obtaining the necessities of daily life was a full-time job. Women cut and carried firewood, hauled water – often having to first chop a hole in thick ice – gathered berries and other edible foods, gardened, fished, trapped, hunted and prepared meals. They made clothing, built shelters and raised children.

These Gwich’in women from Fort McPherson are relaxing in front of the General Store in Dawson City during the Discovery Day celebrations, August 2002. L-R: Caroline Snowshoe, Louisa Robert, Alice Blake, Ellen Vittrekwa, Rosie Stewart, Annie Francis and Maria Sawrenko.
Chera Hunchuk photograph

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Rachel Cadzow hauls firewood in the Old Crow area, 1943.

YA, Frank Foster fonds 82/415 #303, PHO 055.
Margaret Black Fox carrying a load of wood.

YA, Claude Tidd fonds, #7644.